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Carol Nakamura loses 10 kilos in No Limite: she gets thinner and weaker

Carol Nakamura loses 10 kilos in No Limite: she gets thinner and weaker

Carol Nakamura, influencer

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influencer Carol Nakamuraaged 40, lost 10 kg during his time on the programme On the edge. It is the only one among the famous teams that made it to the final stage of the program.

“I’ve lost a lot of weight. I think I’ve lost about ten kilos. I’ve never been so skinny, so skinny. I was scared when I saw I was so skinny by the Rio reflection. But, as soon as I became I went back (to Rio de Janeiro, where he lives ), and I had a medical follow-up and re-tested to see what was missing to replace it. I will come back little by little, “he said in an interview with the world Aired this Thursday the 17th.

According to consult EarthVarious endings to the show were recorded. Therefore, even the winner does not yet know his victory. In addition to Carol NakamuraThe rivalry is Didi, Volo, Gritchy and Rayna.

“When I accepted the invitation, I did not imagine going so far. But I had one certainty: that I would never give up. I was very happy, because I discovered qualities and characteristics that I did not know about. I imagine, for example, that I will be a resistant person in the test. I was surprised I confess,” she revealed.

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