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Capello does not agree with the journalist and gives a reason for the excitement of Botafogo fans with Textor: "We no longer listen to Montenegro, Mafarge, CEP ..."

Capello does not agree with the journalist and gives a reason for the excitement of Botafogo fans with Textor: “We no longer listen to Montenegro, Mafarge, CEP …”

to meet John Textor To “GE” This Sunday was the topic that dominated the discussion on Monday’s “Redação SporTV”, and two points of view drew attention. journalist and presenter Barbara Coelho Consider the investor’s words Botafogo Very broad, while sports reporter Rodrigo Capello defended the excitement of white and white audiences.

In Bárbara Coelho’s opinion, John Textor will have a reality check with The method of work From Brazilian football, he will face difficulties and will have to deal with the expectations of the fans.

I find what he lays down very interesting, but I found it to be a bit too broad for now. When he gets here, he will see reality. Brazilian football is very sensitive due to the pressure of the fans. When such a man comes, there is a symbol of salvation, and this worries me. Without wanting to throw in a bucket of cold water, I think Textor will have more work than he thinks, because he will start and get used to reality from now on. Fans are already seeing that it’s going to put Botafogo on a different level, and that worries me. Barbara, who added:

– He’s talking about something big, going forward, and I don’t know how much Brazilian football can handle that. My dream is to work, to be the first among many, but I think that from now on there has to be a discourse aligned with reality on the pitch, otherwise it may be difficult to communicate with the fans..

A business specialist and already immersed in the topic for some time, Capelo played the most romantic role and said that the black and white fan has every reason to be excited, given the chaotic scenario in which the club found itself until the beginning of last year, with the relegated team, without prospects and mired in debt.

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– Botafogo landed in 2020 in a state of absolute hobby, with the sponsor of Montenegro, saying that he was doing a great service because he proved the balls to the players to train and wanted to enter to be the coach himself, because he understands football. We’ve seen Botafogo enter bankruptcy that appears to be irreversible. At the beginning of 2022, Botafogo fans have every reason to feel hopeful, because we no longer listen to Montenegro, Carlos Eduardo Pereira, freed … million in order to settle the debt. Now, celebrate, admire! – said Capello.

Placing Textor not buying Botafogo to be just a satellite, the club set some restrictions. Bragantino spent R$100m on signings in the first year and we saw it worked. Botafogo is not a club that will rise to compete with Flamengo, Palmeiras, Atletico MG and their sponsors… The business is not that big yet, it could happen in five or ten years. But it will definitely be a better situation than Botafogo has been up until then, so fans should be happy and optimistic. – The journalist concluded.