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"Candidates who make a political, scientific presentation will win big"

“Candidates who make a political, scientific presentation will win big”

a program. In medicine, there is a simple principle that cannot be violated: treatment may involve risks, but the expected benefits from it must outweigh the harm. Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), a 19th-century Prussian medical heroe Century, believes that politics is nothing more than medicine applied to society. He just said that “Medicine is a social science, and politics is nothing more than medicine on a larger scale.” Political leaders “treat” their people by offering interventions whose advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It turns out that these interventions are often based on data and even science.

It’s unknown if the 2022 presidential candidates will turn to science, but several campaign themes will be appropriate: health, the environment, demography — and thus immigration. Applicants will have the opportunity to base their programs on a number of facts, to which they can add their ideas.

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As for their health policies, it will be easy for them to remember the obvious facts, some of which have been known for two centuries. Public health is more powerful than medicine. It costs less and works more often. As a result, it is more profitable. It does not compete with care, on the contrary, because healthier populations are more economically efficient, allowing access to more advanced treatments, which are consistently expensive.

financial and organizational

When we talk about public health, we have to take into account social determinants. In France, as elsewhere, social capital provides health. If only income is taken into account, there is a 13-year difference in life expectancy between the poorest 5% of French and the richest 5%. This means 1/6e Life more or less, not to mention what it contains. No intervention or medication will achieve the impact of social capital on health.

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We will see if these same candidates realize that improving French healthcare will only happen to a minority in the healthcare system. Good or bad health can be demonstrated outside the hospital or doctor’s office. A country that wants to protect its people must attack industries that make a living, intentionally or unintentionally, by producing diseases. Chemistry, fossil fuels, alcohol, tobacco, and some foods are toxic, and perhaps indeed, social media has negative effects on physical and mental health.

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