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Cancer of Charles III.  The hidden story behind the statement that rocked the UK – the world

Cancer of Charles III. The hidden story behind the statement that rocked the UK – the world

England is shocked by the news that King Charles III is suffering from cancerBuckingham Palace issued an announcement to the nation on the 5th, however, the details of this whole delicate situation have been kept under wraps until now.

Pilar Eyre, a well-known columnist specializing in royalty, It insists that Carlos III was already aware of the condition since January 17, when the palace revealed that the 75-year-old monarch had to go to hospital to be treated for benign prostatic hyperplasia.. It was there that Raja was diagnosed with cancer after being monitored by a medical team.

When we saw him walking with Camilla, we thought he was a healthy person, but they fell apart. “On the day she was diagnosed with cancer, she went to the oncology ward at the hospital and must have been very sick when she learned that her husband, whom she loved very much, was also suffering from cancer,” she said on her YouTube channel. Reports quoted by 'Readings'.

Pilar Eyre said that when the report was released, the entire family was already aware of the situation, apart from Prince Harry, who was announced that day. For this, the essayist has only one explanation: “The father doesn't trust his son to keep secrets.” Finally, he believes that these circumstances will not be enough to mend family relations: “I don't think things will be resolved, at least at this time. From the father, we thought that the brothers would unite, but that was not the case.

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