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Can you answer these three questions?

Can you answer these three questions?

An intellectual challenge to attract attention on social media, especially in… Tik Tok. This is the Cognitive reflection testprepared by Professor Shane Frederick.

It consists of only three questions, which require careful analysis to be answered correctly. The test, which has been dubbed the “world's shortest IQ test,” has gained huge popularity thanks to TikToker @chibimallo.

On his social network, he highlighted its brevity and potential impact on intelligence assessment.

According to reports, those who can answer all the questions correctly can be considered smarter than 80% of the population.

17 out of 100 people answered the questions correctly

Only 17% of people correctly answer questions on the world's fastest intelligence test – Image: Reproduction

Psychologist Frederick conducted a 26-month study involving 3,428 participants to evaluate answers to the three questions of the test.

The results showed that only 17% of the participants were able to answer all the questions correctly. QuestionsWhich indicates the difficulty of the challenge.

Try to get all the correct answers to the three test questions, which are as follows:

  1. The total cost of the racket and ball is R$1.10. The racket costs R$1 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?
  2. If 5 machines can produce 5 widgets in 5 minutes, how long will it take 100 machines to produce 100 widgets?
  3. In the river, the area of ​​aquatic plants doubles every day. If it takes 48 days to cover the entire river, how long will it take to cover half the river?

It is important to emphasize that incorrect answers do not indicate a deficiency Intelligence.

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The test aims, above all, to challenge participants to think beyond the obvious and avoid rash responses.

In this sense, for the first question, the correct answer is that the ball costs R$0.05, which means that the racket costs R$1.05, for a total of R$1.10.

In the second question, the answer is 5 minutes, as a machine can produce one widget in 5 minutes, regardless of the number of machines involved.

Finally, the third question requires a careful analysis of the doubling pattern the plants Hydro, which means covering half the river in 47 days, and not 24 days as it might seem at first glance.