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Caixa Trabalhador App: Salary Bonus, Unemployment Insurance and Other Employment Rights

Caixa Trabalhador App: Salary Bonus, Unemployment Insurance and Other Employment Rights

Worker Money Request – Miscellaneous Information

Through the Caixa Trabalhador application it is possible to access information about PIS /Pay salaries it’s the unemployment insurance, check payment schedule, check released installments, confirm payment and check your account statement.

Also, if you have questions, you can refer to the FAQ about each benefit in the app. Also, with the help of the map, locate the square closest to you.

What are the advantages of the Caixa Trabalhador app?

According to official information from Caixa Econômica Federal, there are many benefits for the worker, such as:

Easy and intuitive navigation

Navigation and usability improvements, making navigation much easier and more intuitive;
In addition, you can refer to the installments that have already been issued;
In addition, through the Abono calculator, you can simulate the benefit that will be received according to the reported salary and months worked in the corresponding year.

Convenience and access to other Caixa apps

In this way, the application allows you to find the nearest cashier;
Directed to download other Caixa apps;
Refer a friend function, you can refer the worker application to friends.

PIS and payments

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The app allows you to keep track of your benefits payment schedule;
In addition to allowing you to find information regarding PIS stakes.

Important reminders

You keep track of the forecast of upcoming payments;
Feature scheduling function in a special cell phone calendar to remind receipt dates;
Routing to link from financial education from the fund.

workers help

Additionally, Caixa informs you that you can answer your questions about PIS allowance/salary, unemployment insurance and PIS quotas.

? Caixa Econômica Federal has updated how to access the application?

According to the official data, all users who have the Caixa Trabalhador app must update it from January 2020. However, for those who did not have the app on their mobile phone, simply download it and register.

Improved security in updated app versions

The new version will bring more security in access, and strengthen Caixa. Therefore, after downloading the version from the App Store, initial registration will be required. Thus, the user must fill in personal data such as CPF, full name and date of birth as well as a valid email address and create an access password.

However, if the user has any Caixa application that uses login.caixa, such as FGTS, Habitação Caixa, and Caixa Tem, it is not necessary to perform this initial registration. This centralized access is sure to make information and follow-up easier for the operator.

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