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Caixa Tem worries its owners: interruption of benefits and Bolsa Família 2023 November calendar

Caixa Tem worries its owners: interruption of benefits and Bolsa Família 2023 November calendar

The Caixa Tem app, an essential tool for receiving social benefits such as Bolsa Família and Auxílio Gás, has issued an important alert to its users. The key information is that in November 2023, there will be no transfer of the gas aid payment, and given this unexpected information, it is crucial that beneficiaries pay attention to the official information issued by the federal government.

Auxílio Gás is a social program in Brazil whose main goal is to support the purchase of gas cylinders for low-income families in the country. Like the Bolsa Familia programme, Auxílio Gás is managed by the Ministry of Social Development, and is essential to ensuring minimum living conditions for millions of Brazilians.

How did Caixa Team come about?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, the federal government needed to create an effective tool to transfer emergency benefits to residents. In this context, the Caixa Tem application appeared, an application that allowed more than 60 million people to obtain various assistance, such as:

  • FGTS (Guarantee Term Fund);
  • PIS (Social Integration Programme).

Safety tips for using Caixa Tem

To avoid fraud and ensure user safety, Caixa Econômica Federal offers important tips for using the application:

  • Do not share your access password with third parties;
  • Avoid logging in with multiple CPF numbers on the same cell phone;
  • Make sure the registration email is correct, as it is one of the bank’s main communication channels;
  • If you experience difficulties with the application, request official support from Caixa via the numbers: 4004 0104 (urban areas); 0800 104 0104 (other areas); 0800 726 2592 (service for persons with disabilities); 0800 725 7474 (Ombudsman).
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Bolsa Familia Calendar November 2023

Although there is no amount indicated for gas assistance, Bolsa Família’s regular payments will continue normally in November. The table is determined by the last NIS digit (social identification number). Accordingly, payment will be made on the following dates:

  • NIS Final 1: November 17;
  • NIS Final 2: November 20;
  • NIS Final 3: November 21;
  • NIS Final 4: November 22;
  • NIS Final 5: November 23;
  • NIS Final 6: November 24;
  • NIS Final 7: November 27;
  • NIS 8 Final: November 28;
  • NIS 9 Final: November 29;
  • NIS End 0: November 30.