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Caio drives Allen to shame in Terra e Paixão |  Come to me around – come

Caio drives Allen to shame in Terra e Paixão | Come to me around – come

Earth and Passion: Watch the scenes from tomorrow’s episode, September 19

The evidence for this is that she seduced Vinicius (Paulo Rocha) and convinced the geologist to propose a partnership to the widow, because she would not be able to afford a full study of her property. Of course, the rural producer denies this and angers the villain.

Even as she backs down and is unaware of Irene’s plan, in the following chapters, Kayo (Kawa Raymond) convinces Allen to accept the partnership offer.

The two, of course, don’t even have any idea about this Miguel (Saullo Segreto) Irene “bought” him and promised to destroy the widow’s dream.

Caio said: “Allen, Vinicius has money and is not involved in any operation. This is indeed a good sign.”

Earth and Passion: Kayo drives Allen to shame – Image: Globo

Understand Irene’s plan:

Irene advises Miguel to let Allen believe there is evidence of diamonds on her land

Worried, she seeks help from lawyer Rodrigo (Maycon Rodriguez), who finds no criminal record on Vinicius’ record.

“From a legal point of view, as far as laws are concerned, this geologist keeps up with the latest developments in society. But I can’t say anything about his character.”

But Caio ended up convincing Allen to accept the proposal:

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