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By a series of lectures and discussions of the event "Science, Culture and Social Responsibility"

By a series of lectures and discussions of the event “Science, Culture and Social Responsibility”

The third edition of Unine Cult, promoted by Unime, between April 19 and 23, discusses, through lectures and discussions, important topics about culture and society. In April, many topics will be discussed at the event, such as the social inclusion of people with disabilities, academic training, management issues, children’s language, communication and entrepreneurship.

The first lecture will take place on the nineteenth at half past seven in the evening, under the title “The social inclusion of persons with disabilities through social movements.” Josie Luz, head of the municipal movement to fight for the rights of persons with disabilities in Lauro de Freitas, will be the speaker.

What: Unime Cult – Unime Lauro de Freitas
When: April 19-23, 2021
Where: https://www.sympla.com.br/palestra-a-inclusao-social-da-pessoa-com-deficiencia-atraves-dos-movimentos-sociais__1187362


April 19, 2021

Lecture: “The social inclusion of people with disabilities through social movements”.
Josie Luz is the president of the municipal movement to fight for the rights of persons with disabilities in Lauro de Freitas.

April 22, 2021

“How can cinema help me obtain a more moral, political and social education?”
Dr. Barbara Caldera is Professor and Research Coordinator – University of Lauro de Freitas

16h Cine Gestão – Management and Accounting

19 hr
Lecture: “An update on attendance protocols for educational physicists with a focus on pre-participation assessment: What are the changes in the post-Covid-19 era?”
a. Esp. Marcus Paulo S. Brito – Managing Director DEFIC BA. Deptu. By Ed Physics in Cardiology at SBC – Brazilian Society of Cardiology. Reply. Forma Academia Technical Villa.

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19 hr
Lecture: “Differential Diagnosis in Children’s Language”
Pruva. Mira Araujo de Oliva Gentil

April 22, 2021

8 h
Prematurity and its impact on ECNPI
Pruva. Isis Vega

Discussion about the documentary “Deceptive Operations” (2018). He is currently and talks about the FDA approval process for medical equipment, as well as the problems patients face from the adverse effects associated with new implant technologies.
Pruva. Valesca Almeida

10 h
Discussion on the movie “Contagion” – Currently, it is talking about a zoonotic disease turning into a pandemic, and about the trafficking of wild animals and the dangers this could bring to humanity.
Pruva. Allen Quintella and Prova.
Melissa Abehausen

19 hr
“Future skills for a chemical engineering professional.
Architect Julio Viana Machado

19 hr
History of Architecture and Cultural Expression
Arq. Quesia Almeida

19 hr
“Sustainability in urban construction. Where is your social responsibility?”
Inga. Delkia Janine Moreira

19 hr
‘Power now’
Engineer Iris Magalhaes dos Santos

19 hr
Communication in Entrepreneurship, Gastronomy, Nutrition and Social Impact: Innovative Products and Services.
Food expert Leonardo Argolo, Dietitian Cynthia Lima

19 hr
“Solar Market – Opportunities and Challenges in Light of the Pandemic”
Architect Frederico Iglesias Figuera

19 hr
Malfunctions of rotating machines and the role of the engineer in this process
Architect Renadson Cesar de Faria Amorim

April 23, 2021

19 hr
“Practical importance in the nucleus of development”
Paolo Reese

19 hr
Home management after hospitalization for COVID-19
Pruva. Vivienne Rich

19 hr
Magnetic Resonance: Physical Principles and Applications
Pruva. Monica Basilar

19 hr
“Kinesio Tape Applied To Aesthetics”
Pruva. Giovanna Bergim

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19 hr
Confronting Covid for the first time.
Pruva. Monica Cavalcante

19 hr
Language Teaching and Learning for Migrants and Refugees: Perspectives and Experiences.
a. Thiago Nunes – MA in Linguistics from the Federal University of Ciara – UFC

20 hours
“Open Chat: Dialogue tour on the social representation of epidemics on television, analysis of Pandemia and an explanation of the Coronavirus.”
Pruva. Adrielle Mangabeira and Profa. Marla Smile Prof. Raldo Freire