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Directors of medical boards, health plans, and hospitals at CPI will be questioned

Directors of medical boards, health plans, and hospitals at CPI will be questioned

Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE), a member of the Genocide Index, said during the Eleven and a Half Program, on Friday (16), that medical boards, health plans, physicians and hospitals that have endorsed or prescribed drugs ineffective, such as ivermectin and chloroquine will be questioned in Consumer Price Index.

In fact, we are not going to make the stand of the cheap health professionals who have become the Polsonarians there. Look what the contradiction is in this expression “Doctor with Scholarship”. Polsonaria is synonymous with death. A doctor, because of his training, for what his profession represents, cannot be a representative of death, “the senator said.

Humberto Costa also warned that “The Federal Board of Medicine and the regional councils should sit down on this index to explain their criminal stances in support of doctors prescribing ivermectin and chloroquine. No, they cannot be cheap.” Health plans too, hospitals, everyone. They go to CPI Bank. The effectiveness of these treatments, in terms of their side effects, is indisputable. He added, “If we want to investigate responsibility for this large number of deaths, it must be taken into account.”

In addition, Humberto Costa also said: “The government’s responsibility for publishing completely ineffective treatments for dealing with Covid-19 will be investigated. Treatments, including those that produce very dangerous side effects in those wishing to use them, and spending public funds on the production of chloroquine. , The purchase of ivermectin, the advertisement they made to stimulate these death sites, the production of these drugs by the official public laboratories. “

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