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After two years in

Broadcaster leaves 103 million Brazilian reals ‘horrific shelter’ after two years: terrified of catching Covid

Howard Stern He left his “horrific hideout”, estimated to be worth about 103 million Brazilian reais Headquartered in Southampton (New York State, USA), For the first time in two years. The 68-year-old American radio host agreed to attend a dinner with celebrities, including actors Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, at a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, last Friday night (30). / 9) According to the “New York Post”.

“I really had a stressful weekend, emotionally, physically”Stern said on his Monday radio show. “For the first time in two years he ventured out of the house. It was too much for me. It was too much. I haven’t gone out in two years.”he added.

The reason for Stern’s imprisonment was Terrified of catching Covid-19. All this time, he was presenting his radio show from a studio in the same basement.

After two years in the ‘basement’, Howard Stern went out to dinner with celebrities Image: Reproduction/Reddit

The announcer, who is also a comedian and writer, claimed to have Spent all dinner time “in a panic”.

“I told my wife, ‘I don’t want to go, I’m panicked, I don’t want to get Covid.’ I know our boss told us the epidemic is over and everyone is walking around without masks… I still don’t want to get Covid”he added.

Despite the “panic”, Stern was filmed without mask.

Howard Stern in the studio at
Howard Stern in the studio in his picture “The Cellar”: Disclosure

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