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Britta Gill says she is “cancer free” after a 14-hour operation to remove the tumor;  video |  News

Britta Gill says she is “cancer free” after a 14-hour operation to remove the tumor; video | News

Today, Tuesday (22), Britta Gill, 49, posted a video on social media to update her health condition after she underwent a 14-hour surgery. Last Wednesday, 16 bowel tumors were removed at the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital in Sao Paulo, and the operation was successful. In the video, the singer announced her recovery from cancer cells.

“Darlings, I’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to come here and talk to you. Last week I underwent an operation to remove a polyp in my rectum and that surgery was very successful, complicated and wonderful. Only yesterday we did it” I got its final result, because the material was for pathological analysis ‘, the singer began.

“The result was, yes, my body is free of cancer cells. The surgery was successful, and we had a complete removal of the tumor by a margin. This means that my body is free of these cells at the moment.” He explained, “But recovery is a process, and recovery still includes rehabilitation that I have to do in order for the sphincter to work, and I will keep the cyst for three months and then come back, because it’s temporary.”

The “little bag” that Brita is referring to is a colostomy bag, which is attached to the abdominal wall, where there is an opening – called a stoma – that connects the bowel to the outside of the body, to collect stool when it comes out. The bowel flow must be diverted, thus forming an outlet for gas and stool.

“I will continue to take care of myself, with healthy habits, until this disease does not come back. So happy and so grateful to my doctors, God, my family, my fans, my friends, and the people who don’t.” He said, “She knew me and sent prayers from all over the world. From all over this world. It was a very powerful thing. I’m sure love too, like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, has healed me.”

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“I wanted to tell you this in person. I’m still in rehab from surgery, which was heavy, but necessary and very successful. When I’m well, we’ll talk again. I love you.” He finished.

Britta Gil is grateful for the support network during her treatment

Britta has been in the hospital since August 13, and then vented before the surgery. “The preoperative tests have started. We are here. Everything will be fine. I will only work on Wednesday (16). Tomorrow and Tuesday we will do the preoperative tests,” he said. Before the surgery, Britta Gil was sending a message to fans. “I am here surrounded by love, with my son Francisco Gil by my side and many friends and family,” she said. “I am grateful, calm, and very confident in the doctors.” He asked: “God’s truth, I will receive your energy and positive feelings, pray for me.”

Her first appearance after the operation was with her stepmother. Flora Gil. Gilberto Gil’s wife confirmed: “Just as you love her. Surrounded by love and trust. Soon Britta will send the news. But for now, all I can do is thank you for everything is going well and everything is going well.” “Faith really doesn’t use ‘faiá’ like @pretagil’s father used to say,” she said, quoting her husband’s song.

Flora has already exclusively revealed the from that Britta is fine and recovering after the operation. “She’s fine and the surgery went very well according to the medical team,” said Britta, who was with Britta in the intensive care unit. “I came from Rio to see her after the surgery and was very happy with the doctors’ report.” She said at the time: “Now he is recovering day by day and receiving affection and love from friends and family. The medical team is amazing and we are all so happy after the surgery.”

Post by Flora Gil with Britta – Photo: Playback / Instagram

Last Thursday (17th), the medical bulletin reported that Britta was in “good general condition” after the surgery. “Patient Brita María Gadilha Gil Moreira yesterday underwent surgery for a polyp in the rectum. The surgery was uneventful and, at the moment, she is awake, in good general condition, with normal clinical indicators, in postoperative care in the intensive care unit.”

Brita Gel Medical Bulletin – Image: Disclosure

Last Sunday (20), the singer revealed that the doctors had removed the tumor and performed a total abdominal hysterectomy – the removal of the uterus through an incision in the abdomen. Hello my lovelies, here I am recovering from an extensive and complex surgery that lasted more than 14 hours, in which the tumor was removed, as well as a total abdominal hysterectomy. I am well taken care of by the doctors. Special thanks to the entire warrior team of Dr. Frederico Teixeira Jr. Now it’s day by day!!! Today I managed to sit and still here fighting. God is alright!!!”, he wrote.

Britta Gill – Photo: Playback / Instagram

Bowel cancer

In March, Britta Gil used her social networks to talk to her followers about the Blue Walk, a date set to raise awareness of bowel cancer. “Darling, today is the day to wear blue! I’m in the hospital doing the fifth course of chemotherapy, I didn’t have blue pajamas on, but I nevertheless came to warn you to talk to you about an important matter! Today, he wrote at the time, “It’s Bowel Cancer and Bowel Cancer Prevention Day.” Colon and rectum alongside the Blue March campaign. As everyone knows, I am undergoing treatment and fortunately I found out at a less advanced stage. Early diagnosis saves lives!

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“Often, we put our personal commitments ahead of our health and don’t see the signs of our body. If you are 45 or older, see a doctor and get a preventive measure until all is well. In addition, for better health a healthy diet is always recommended. Eat and exercise for this prevention.Nourishing our bodies properly is really important. Spread this message, let your loved ones know the importance of this care and be sure to follow the campaign profile to stay up to date on the latest prevention and everything ‘on the subject. Bowel cancer has a 90% chance of cure if caught in its initial stage,” published at the time.

Britta Gil – Photo: Globo