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Brazilians use California as new route to enter US illegally |  Excellent

Brazilians use California as new route to enter US illegally | Excellent

Brazilians try to enter the United States illegally in another way: through the state of California, which borders Mexico. Reporter Raquel Krähenbühl went there, and you’ll also see what happens to illegal immigrants that Republican states “export” to Democratic cities..

Posted by a Venezuelan who did not want to be identified, Videos show South Americans fleeing Ecuador trying to reach the United States, with Brazilians often among such groups..

Between October 2020 and September 2021, some 57,000 Brazilians were detained while crossing the US border, a figure close to breaking this year.

  • Another 193 Brazilians who tried to enter the US illegally were deported
  • Record number of Brazilians deported from US in 2022

The Fantastic team headed to San Diego in Southern California, which, despite patrols and walls, turned a new route. The border agent showed some of the places where immigrants try to cross illegally and talked about the dangers.

“Criminal organizations will try to exploit any point. They don’t care about your life. They push these migrants through these 6.9 meter fences, so it’s dangerous,” says agent Angel Moreno.

Fantástico Report spoke to some of the Indian migrants to find out what happened, what their condition is and how they crossed to where they were detained. And they asked the authorities how often Brazilians were detained.

“Every day,” said Jack Warrington, an agent with Customs and Border Protection.

  • Why did Brazilian immigration to the US explode?

An average of 250 Brazilians are arrested every week trying to cross from Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego. Last year from October to July there were almost 9 thousand people. Last month, there was one of the biggest arrests: in two days, 183 Brazilians, including 17 children, were arrested at the border in California.

The central government is against this opposition policy. Watch the full report in the video above.

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