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Brazilian dies in desert trying to enter US illegally |  National newspaper

Brazilian dies in desert trying to enter US illegally | National newspaper

A Brazilian woman has died in the middle of the desert trying to enter the United States illegally.

“I slept here. I could not take it, no. I’m alone, but they are coming to get me. You can be fine.” This is one of the last audios sent to the family by Nursing Technician Leninda da Silva.

The G1 had access to messages. After a while, another worrying one comes up.

“I waited until 11 o’clock, and no one came. I took it and left the place. I was in hiding. Give me some water so I can not quench my thirst.”

A native of Vel do Paraso, in the interior of Rondினnia, 370 kilometers from the capital Lenilda. According to the family, the nursing technician tried to cross the border from Mexico to the United States with three friends and a coyote – the person hired to drive the illegal immigrants. They stayed in Mexico City for two weeks.

The group began the march on September 6th. But on the second day Lenilda was behind. He has no more strength. The others followed, and then the coyote promised to rescue her. But it never came back. In Rondinia, the family followed every step of the cell phone’s GPS signal until they realized she was no longer moving.

On the telephone, a daughter said that Leninda had already lived in Ohio, USA, for ten years, where she worked as a cleaner. She had returned to her hometown three years ago, but could not fix it and wanted to return to the United States. In a final attempt to cross the border, she was captured and held for three months before being deported.

Lenilda never gave up coming back even against her family. Her dream is to help pay for her daughters’ college education.

Thousands of immigrants try to enter the United States illegally every month. In August, 195,000 people were detained on the border with Mexico.

The Brazilian consulate in the United States and the Brazilian embassy in Mexico have not yet been notified, Idamaradi said.