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Brazil will again require visas from citizens of Australia, Canada and the USA in 2024

Brazil will again require visas from citizens of Australia, Canada and the USA in 2024

The reciprocity policy for countries that charge fees to Brazilians for visas is scheduled to resume on January 10 next year. The government is ready to negotiate the exemption

Mauro Vieira

247 – The federal government has extended until January 10, 2024 the deadline to reimpose visa requirements to enter Brazil for joint passport holders from Australia, Canada and the United States. Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree in 2019 waiving visitor visas for tourists from the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan who travel to Brazil, but he did not receive reciprocity.

Hey Decree No. 11692 An amendment to the entry into force of Decree No. 11515/2023 was published on Wednesday (9/6) in the Official Gazette of the Federation, which stipulated the start of visa collection as of October 1.

The extension aims to allow the completion of the system implementation process and avoid starting the implementation of the visa requirement in a period close to the peak travel season at the end of the year, thus ensuring its safe introduction, without affecting the tourism sector.

On the “Bom Dia, Minister” program on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira commented on the visa issue. “In the previous government, the requirements for Americans, Canadians, Australians and Japanese, who did not need visas to come to Brazil, were suspended. They were given for free. No reciprocity. Brazilians still need a visa,” he noted.

Negotiation “At the beginning of the government, based on instructions from the president, we restored visas. We call on countries to try to negotiate. Japan accepted and we negotiated. “Others claimed that this was not possible under their respective legislation,” Vieira said.

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The Minister also stated that the Federal Government is ready to negotiate visa exemptions on the basis of reciprocity. “In other words, a country that accepts Brazilians to travel without a physical visa, we will give them the same advantage,” he explained.

In May, President Lula was in Japan and concluded his work an agreement To release visas for Brazilians entering that country and Japanese people arriving in Brazil. The exemption measure will come into effect from September 30.