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Brazil defeated the United States in a men's volleyball match

Brazil defeated the United States in a men’s volleyball match

The Brazilian men’s volleyball team defeated the United States 1-0 in the fourth round of the group stage of the Tokyo Olympics this Friday (30).

After a complicated start, Brazil grew up competing and won bronze medals at the last Olympics with a score of 30/32; 25/23; 25/21 and 25/20. From the end of the first set, the Brazilian team began to force more service, making it more difficult for the American team to master, resulting in more play and better counter-attacks.

“Today, there is a lot about the volleyball service. They opened with Anderson’s good serve streak at the start of the first set. [Matthew], And then opened some of my service. Now at the end of the game with Wallace, “Lucarelli said after the game.” We have the characteristics of an aggressive team in service, so we try to bring it into practice and withstand the pressure, nowadays all teams go through the pressure. Even in service, ”he said.

In this match, Brazil was able to distribute the score well among its attackers. Wallace, Leal and Lucarelli each finished with more than 15 points. Bruninho, with the good play of the whole team, was able to separate the elevated balls well.

“When everyone is in the game, you feel like everyone is fine, you play ball,” said the Brazil captain. “This is great for the setter because you can do the strategy without worries in your head.”

With the win, Brazil remained calm in the group and France could qualify early for the next stage if they lose to the Russians. The decision comes after Russia’s tragic defeat. According to Bruninho, the ability to come back strong after suffering is a strong characteristic of the Brazilian team.

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“We talked the next day about the arrival of Vila, and I can tell you that this team is Husky,” said the Brazilian organizer. “We went to court yesterday and it was trained as a last resort. I mean, no one coached like us. It shows the character and commitment of this team all the time.”

In this series, Brazil faces France for the fifth round. The game will be this Saturday, at 23:05 (Brasilia time).


After the defeat of Russia, Brazil started badly against the North Americans. In the first moments of the match this selection met with five points in a row. However, the team leveled the game from 6 to 6. Wallace came back after a while in beautiful service. However, with Brazil and the United States in the lead, the game was tight. The Brazilian team had four consecutive set points, but did not use it. The Americans grew and closed the first set 32-30.

The second set started at the first pace and both teams exchanged points. The Brazilian advantage came only after the tenth point. In this order, the United States was in the 15 to 15 balance. Going through Lucarelli’s service the set’s lead returned to Brazil. Despite the advantage, Brazil struggled to close the set 25-23.

The third set followed the previous script. Initially the change of scores, Lucarelli’s good passage for the server – with two aces in a row – and Brazil are leading. This time, however, the current Olympic champion team knew how to manage the advantage and won 25-21.

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Back on the scoreboard, USA started the fourth set with more intensity. However, the build-up in Brazil was cold and, as a result, turned the game around. The Americans pressed at the end of the section, but the win was 25 to 20 yellow-green.