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O ex-ministro Braga Netto, durante pronunciamento de Bolsonaro sobre a derrota na eleição - 01/11/2022

Braga Netto updates Bolsonaro’s health

Ex-minister Braga Neto (PL-MG) Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro reassured about the CEO’s health. On Thursday the 17th, the military announced that the president had recovered from erysipelas, a skin infection that caused his leg to hurt. “He’ll be back in Planalto soon,” Neto said.

In an interview with the newspaper the scientist, Vice President and Senator-elect, Hamilton Mourao (Republicanos-RS), has revealed why Bolsonaro has “disappeared” from public view. “It’s a health issue,” said Mourao. “Bolsonaro has a leg injury. He can’t wear shorts, how can he come here in shorts?”

Erysipelas is a disease caused by bacteria that usually enter the body through skin injuries, such as small cuts, insect bites, and even mycosis. If not treated properly, the bacteria can spread to the lymph vessels and reach the fatty tissue under the skin.

Bolsonaro is expected to intensify agendas, from January 1, 2023, especially in the interior regions of Brazil, to help PL candidates win the following year’s municipal elections.

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