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Boticario's competitor breathes through devices

Boticario's competitor breathes through devices

Boticário's rival, the cosmetics giant, has filed for bankruptcy

As a direct competitor of O Boticário, it was forced to file for bankruptcy due to the delicate moment it is dealing with. A great company has put thousands of jobs at risk with this.

Although Boticário's focus is selling perfumes, he also excels at selling cosmetics. With a wide range of products, it competes with large companies and one of these giant companies that declared bankruptcy.

O Boticário store (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

According to information from Fashion Net Work, cosmetics chain The Body Shop has filed for bankruptcy in the United Kingdom, putting thousands of jobs at risk in the country where it was born and where it is known for its ethical commitments.

According to what was reported, the consulting company FRP was appointed to manage the bankruptcy file and restructure the company’s operations in the United Kingdom, in order to “revitalize this famous brand.”

It is important to note that the bankruptcy process is only limited to the United Kingdom, where the company has the largest operations. At other points of sale around the world, the situation remains under control.

Woman wearing perfume / O Boticário - TVFOCO montage

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O Boticário perfumes with imported scents (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

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The Body Shop was sold by Natura in November 2023 (Reproduction: Internet)
The Body Shop was sold by Natura in November 2023 (Reproduction: Internet)

What is the story of the giant?

The Body Shop brand was founded in 1976 in Brighton (south of England) by British businesswoman Anita Roddick, a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics and an advocate of fair trade. In 2006, it was sold to L'Oreal for about 940 million euros, when it was at the peak of its glory.

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In 2017, the Brazilian company Natura & Co. bought it from L'Oréal for more than one billion euros. In 2023, the Brazilian giant sold the company to the German investment fund Aurelius. Headquartered in London, the company employs around 7,000 people worldwide, including 2,200 in the UK.

The giant declared bankruptcy in Germany (Reproduction: Internet)
The giant declared bankruptcy in Germany (Reproduction: Internet)

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