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Botafogo x Avaí: places to watch, tickets, lists and judging

Botafogo x Avaí: places to watch, tickets, lists and judging

NS Botafogo Confrontation Hawaii This Saturday, at 7 pm, at Nelton Santos Stadium, for the 28th round of the UEFA Champions League B . series, in the first direct duels in the fight to reach the elite Brazilian Championship. Currently, there are only two points separating the two teams, and they are both inside the G-4.

after, after I stumble away from home in front of VitoriaGlorious returns to work his fort in this competition. Basically, the stove has the best use of B and . series Comes from eight consecutive victories in Niltão – Once again you can receive fans.

As for Saturday’s commitment, the defender Botafogo will return Carly And the right back RaphaelThe flight to Salvador survived. The first will be the owner of a place Kano, was sent off against Vitoria, while the second should start from the bench.

Another change from the starting line-up for last Wednesday’s match is the return Daniel Burgess on the right side instead of Jonathan Lemos. the coach Anderson Moreira Maintains the backbone of the team to try to increase the advantage Goiás, fifth place, which is now three points.

Botafogo embezzlement

Ejected against defender Vitoria Kano hanging. steering wheels Pedro Castro NS cake Continue to treat muscle injuries. Kitten FernandezAnd Hugo NS Romildo It is in transition.

Hanging from Botafogo

The goalkeeper has two yellow cards. Diego Loreiro and the attackers Marco Antonio NS Diego Gonçalves. If they get a card on Saturday, they will embezzle Botafogo against it CRBFriday, at Nelton Santos Stadium.

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Discount – Aví

Saved in the match against Londoner, Steering wheel Bruno Silva, the former Botafogo, returns to the team. On the other hand, Marcos Cerato It was tested positive for COVID-19 It became embezzlement. experienced Judson, which was first included in the last round, should be left as an option on the bench.

return confrontation

Avai and Botafogo have faced each other 15 times, and the record so far is for Glorioso: six wins, seven draws and only two defeats, with 24 goals scored and 16 goals conceded. In the first round, there was a 1-1 tie in the Hangover.

Ticket sale

There were 4,999 tickets on sale and anyone who wants to go to the game must take a Covid-19 antigen test on accredited laboratories Until 2 pm this Sunday and prove that she has been vaccinated.

Selling is done online, at http://botafogo.com.br/ingresso. Ticket prices range from R$10 (Alvinegro member) to R$60 (entirely for non-members). Glorioso and Cria + plan members enjoy free entry through check-in. More information here!

Where to see Botafogo x Avaí

Saturday’s match will be broadcast on the channel only the first showby system Pay per view. Jader Rock Narrated, with comments from Lidio Carmona NS Petkovic.


The trio comes from Goyas with the referee Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes And his assistants Krishian Passos Sorens and Thiago Gomez da Silva. NS where It will be chaired by Vinicius Forlan and assisted by Fabricio Porfirio de Moura, both from São Paulo.

data sheet
Botafogo X Avai

Stadium: Nelton Santos
date and time: 02/10/2021 – 19 hours
Rule: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (GO)
Auxiliaries: Cristhian Passos Sorence (GO) and Tiago Gomes da Silva (GO)
where: Vinicius Forlan (SP)
the tickets: http://botafogo.com.br/ingresso
Where to watch: the first show

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Botafogo: Diego Loreiro, Daniel Borges, Carly, Gilvan and Carlinhos; Barreto, Luis, Yama, and Chai; Marco Antonio, Rafael Navarro and Diego Gonçalves – Coach: Anderson Moreira.

Hawaii: Glidson. Edelson, Alimao, Concrete, and Diego Renan; Bruno Silva, Lourenço and Jean Kleiber; Vinícius Leite, Copete and Getúlio – Coach: Claudini Oliveira.