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Boston Globe Calls on Biden to Drop Out of Campaign

Boston Globe Calls on Biden to Drop Out of Campaign

Democratic voters outside the White House demand that Biden drop his bid for re-election| Photo: EFE/EPA/Sean Theo

On Wednesday (3), The Boston Globe joined the voices calling on Joe Biden to abandon the presidential race in the United States “for the good of the country,” and stated in its editorial that doubts are growing about his ability to rule for another four years.

The Boston Globe editorial board advised Biden to “gracefully withdraw” and release his delegates to vote for someone else at the Democratic National Convention, which will be held from August 19 to 22 in Chicago to officially determine the party’s presidential nominee from the United States.

“For the sake of the country, his party, and his legacy, Biden needs to do this. And soon,” the paper added.

While the race to succeed Biden could be “chaotic,” the paper said it would also be “incredibly exciting,” something the Democratic Party needs to encourage its voters beyond the “fear” of former Republican President Donald Trump.

On June 28, a day after the Biden-Trump debate exposed all the weaknesses of the current president, The New York Times also called on the Democratic candidate to withdraw from the election race.

The newspaper also reported that “the greatest public service Mr. Biden could do now is to announce that he will not continue to run for re-election.”

Since then, a growing number of newspapers, analysts and Democratic Party members have called on Biden to make way for another candidate in the November 5 presidential election.

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