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Boeing announces settlement with US court over 737 Max crashes

Boeing announces settlement with US court over 737 Max crashes

Under the 2021 deal, the company paid $2.5 billion (SAR 13.6 billion at current exchange rates), among other things, in exchange for immunity from criminal proceedings for its executives.

Only one person, a former Boeing test pilot, was tried in the case. He was acquitted.

The three-year conditional period ends in 2024. However, in January, Boeing was thrown into crisis again when an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX had to make an emergency landing after a fuselage panel separated mid-flight.

In a letter sent to the court on May 14, Justice Department officials asserted that Boeing violated its obligations under the CPA by “failing to design, implement, and enforce a compliance and ethics program to prevent and detect violations of U.S. fraud laws in all of its operations.”

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today that more than 2,600 Boeing 737 aircraft will have to be inspected immediately, due to concerns that passenger oxygen masks could fail in an emergency.

According to the FAA, the inspection must occur “within 120 to 150 days, on certain Boeing 737-8, 9, -8200, -700, -800 and -900ER airplanes,” both older and newer generations. Reports cited by the regulator indicate that the over-seat equipment with lighting and ventilation moved erratically.

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