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Bodies of missing Argentines found in the Andes mountain range – News

Bodies of missing Argentines found in the Andes mountain range – News

On Monday (4), Chilean emergency teams found the bodies of three Argentines who went missing while climbing a mountain near the border between Chile and Argentina.

The group lost contact on November 28, while climbing Mount Marmoleo, in the Andes mountain range, near the town of San José de Maipo, 60 kilometers from Santiago.

The victims are General Mayor of San Martín (La Pampa Province), Raúl Esper; Sergio Daniel Berardo, a writer from the same city; and Ignacio Lucero as guide.

“Agents of the Special Police Operations Group found the bodies of three climbers who were missing,” the Chilean police said on the social networking site

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A group of six Argentines climbed the mountain on November 25, but only three of them returned three days later. The others decided to stay in the mountain range.

After losing contact with the group, a private helicopter was used to inspect the camp at an altitude of about 4,800 meters, but it only found the tent of the missing people.

On December 2, the returned climbers submitted a missing persons report to Chilean police, who found the bodies on Monday, at an altitude of 5,600 metres.

Temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius and strong winds made the search for missing persons difficult and hampered the recovery of bodies, which were supposed to be recovered on Wednesday (6), according to the authorities.

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“There are forecasts tomorrow [terça-feira (5)] Snow on the mountain range […] “On Wednesday there will be a meteorological window open for the unloading of bodies,” explained Miguel Muñoz, regional director of the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service.