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Boca x Fluminense: fans fight on Copacabana beach |  Fluminense

Boca x Fluminense: fans fight on Copacabana beach | Fluminense

Copacabana Beach witnessed confusion near the CONMEBOL “Fan Zone”. Boca Juniors fans and Fluminense They got into a fight and the police had to intervene with rubber bullets and lots of pepper gas.

Confusion on Copacabana Beach between Fluminense and Boca Juniors fans

About five o’clock in the evening there was confusion and a rush near the sea. A Boca fan was arrested and accused of throwing bottles at police.

Until then, the atmosphere in the “fan zone” had been quiet. In Copacabana, near the Leme district, south of Rio de Janeiro, the tricolor dominated the area and represented a huge majority. However, despite the provocations with the few opponents who were there, the atmosphere was friendly.

A Boca Juniors fan was detained on Copacabana Beach for throwing bottles at police – Photograph: Fred Gomez/ge

Another Boca Juniors fan was arrested on Copacabana Beach. According to Rogerio, the Argentine tricolor insulted, kicked his dog and tried to attack him, in addition to calling him a “macaquito.”

-I was on the beach with my wife. The man came out of nowhere, changed his appearance, and was screaming things we couldn’t understand. My dog ​​went towards him, he kicked my dog. I said, “What is this? Are you crazy?” He tried to punch me, but he took it aside and walked away. When the police arrived, they found him and took him away. He abused us all the time and tried to attack others. He let out several insults: “Puludu, you monkey, I don’t know what the hell…”

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