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Biography Reveals How Madonna Got Famous Nickname ‘Madge’ – Metro World News Brazil

Biography Reveals How Madonna Got Famous Nickname ‘Madge’ – Metro World News Brazil

MadonnaThe Queen of Pop is about to kick off her world celebratory tour at London’s O2 Arena later this month after the tour was postponed due to a serious health issue.

For decades, Madonna was known to Brits and the world as “Madge”, but the origins of that nickname have finally come to light.

A new biography of the singer, titled “Madonna: A Rebellious Life,” written by Marie Gabrielle, was released this week and has generated great anticipation since its announcement.

According to the book, the British began calling Madonna “Madge” at the beginning of the century. The nickname, as MailOnline reported, stuck because when she was in the UK making her album ‘Music’ in 2000, audiences saw her as more of a ‘natural’ pop star than a singer.

However, Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s second husband, tells a different version of this story. He was going to invent the nickname to boost Madonna’s self-esteem, and make her feel extraordinary. According to Jay, “Madge” was short for “Her Majesty.” “Her Maj” was actually a title for then-Queen Elizabeth II.

Tour and biography

The new autobiography comes as the Queen of Pop herself prepares for her world tour to celebrate. The tour was scheduled to begin in July, but a few weeks before the first show, Madonna was hospitalized.

Her manager, Guy Oseary, shared the news on Instagram that Madonna was in hospital in New York receiving treatment for a serious bacterial infection. A few days after this announcement, she was discharged from the hospital and sent home to recover.

She later gave an update on her health on Instagram, thanking her for the support and messages of healing and encouragement she has received. Madonna confirmed that her priority is her health and that she will return to the stage as soon as possible.

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Madonna’s tour dates have been rescheduled, and the Celebration Tour is set to begin at London’s O2 Arena later this month, according to the Daily Mail. woman. The tour celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of their debut album of the same name.