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Bill Gates says that artificial intelligence will revolutionize everyday life in the next five years

Bill Gates says that artificial intelligence will revolutionize everyday life in the next five years

In a recent interview, Microsoft founder Bill Gates gave an optimistic outlook on the role of artificial intelligence in transforming our lives over the next five years.

While the advancement of artificial intelligence has raised concerns about the possibility of eliminating millions of jobs globally, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that about 40% of the world's jobs could be affected by this technological rise.

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While he does not completely disagree with this assessment, Gates asserts that history has shown that with every new technology come not only fears, but also new opportunities. In the interview conducted by Fareed Zakaria from CNNLast Tuesday (16), he compared the current situation to the emergence of agricultural productivity.

As we had [com] Agricultural Productivity In 1900, people were asking, “What will people do?” In fact, many new things have been created, many new categories of work, and we are much better off than we were when everyone was doing farm work. It will be like this.

Bill Gates on CNN

In particular, Gates highlighted the potential of artificial intelligence to assist doctors with handwriting, a part of the profession that many underappreciate, noting that it can be done efficiently by technology.

When Bill Gates was asked about the accessibility of artificial intelligence, he emphasized that it would not be necessary to invest in “a lot of new devices,” as access would be possible through devices that already exist, such as phones or computers connected to the Internet.

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The Microsoft co-founder also praised the significant improvements achieved with ChatGPT 4, developed by the OpenAI Research Lab. He described ChatGPT 4's capabilities as “dramatic,” essentially allowing for reading and writing, making the technology a “white collar” for guidance in a range of fields, from healthcare to technical support.

Gates envisions integrating this technology into vital sectors such as education and health, anticipating significant positive effects.

It is worth noting the multi-billion dollar partnership between Microsoft, the company in which Gates still maintains a stake, and OpenAI, which is responsible for developing ChatGPT.

No fear of losing your wealth

The Gates Foundation's goal is to ensure that the gap between people in poor countries benefiting and reaching rich countries is very short. After all, the shortage of doctors and teachers is more acute in Africa than in the West.

Bill Gates on CNN

  • Regarding his fortune, which amounts to 140 billion US dollars (about 700 billion Brazilian reals), which makes him the fourth richest person on the planet, Bill Gates expressed that he is not worried about losing his wealth, as he has more resources than are sufficient for your needs. Personal needs.
  • Given their commitment to philanthropy, Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, plan to donate most of their fortune to the foundation they founded together two decades ago, in addition to other charitable endeavors.
  • The couple announced in 2022 their intention to donate approximately US$9 billion (about R$44 billion) annually by 2026, envisioning a significant impact on the beneficiary organizations.
  • With a donation rate of $9 billion annually, Gates expects he will distribute his entire wealth within about two decades.
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