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Big mistake Flavio Dino

Big mistake Flavio Dino

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The French King Louis XIV is credited with saying it L’Etat, c’est moi (State I). “logical in absolute order”says the editorial Estadao Posted this Thursday (20), which completes: In a democracy, there is no executive, legislative, or judicial power of the state. Therefore, the protection of both the state and the authorities is not confused or mixed..

The newspaper criticized the explanation given by the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flavio Dino, that the alleged attacks on the family of Minister Alexandre de Moraes in Rome may constitute a crime against the democratic state of law. The editorial notes that the Defense of the Democratic State of Law Act, which was approved in 2021, came to remove the danger of interpreting the national security law. “as a defense of the integrity of the authorities or a particular current of thought”.

“In a democratic state of law, the defense of the democratic system cannot be confused with the defense of the authorities. They are two different subjects and they have special protection.”defend the newspaper. “Therefore, the Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino, is deeply mistaken when he says, in an interview about the confusion that occurred at Rome airport with Minister Alexandre de Morais, of the Supreme Federal Court, that the moral and physical outrages that could have been committed against the judge and his family can be described as a crime against the democratic state of law – an obvious absurdity”He says Estadao.

The editorial points out that this does not mean that the incident does not need to be investigated. “It is the task of the police investigation to find out what really happened. If there are sufficient elements regarding the material significance and authorship of one or more crimes, it is up to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to bring the corresponding complaint to justice.”The newspaper reflects: “But there is no authorization to turn any physical or moral assault against an STF minister and his family into a crime against the democratic state of law.”.