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Bee News · Mariana Rios is dating the billionaire heir to a supermarket chain.  Find out the details

Bee News · Mariana Rios is dating the billionaire heir to a supermarket chain. Find out the details

Published on 07/10/2023 at 2:00 pm Reproduction/Instagram Juliana Barbosa

Mariana Ríos, 38 years old, announced her new relationship this Saturday (7). The actress, who has been single since the end of a short relationship with Guilherme Musi, Marina Rui Barbosa’s ex-husband, shared a photo album full of romantic moments alongside economist João Lucas Diniz. Mariana Ríos spared no words to express her feelings for her lover in an emotional post on her official Instagram profile.

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“Sometimes a simple look brings you a certainty that the present moment cannot explain. Time passes… people pass… life passes! And when you least expect it, the eyes meet again with an intensity in which you get lost… in laughter, in turn, in all the feelings Which only a deep dive can understand. True encounters rarely happen through the exchange of first glances. What the heart feels does not lie to the eye.”The brunette wrote in a comment on the post.

The photos shared by the actress show the couple’s moments during a trip to Europe, where they were able to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. The post was well received by Mariana’s followers, who left a stream of praise and good wishes in the comments.

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I loved that phrase Mariana, I’ve never seen it that way before. excellent!! I wish the couple happiness.”The artist’s followers wish, “Long live the happiness that was so eagerly awaited for you! You loved the couple.”“, wrote another“They go together a lot! Long live the couple” Tessian Pinheiro wrote.

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Mariana Ríos’s new love, João Lucas Diniz, known as Joka Diniz works at a startup in Silicon Valley in the United States, specializing in data marketing and sales. Additionally, he shares his passion for cooking and cycling on his social media. The couple had already been seen in a romantic mood during the Zezé Di Camargo show at the beginning of last month, but now they have announced their relationship.

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