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Bahia helps 3-0 in seven minutes beat Santos in Brazilian debut - 05/29/2021

Bahia helps 3-0 in seven minutes beat Santos in Brazilian debut – 05/29/2021

Bahia made his right-footed debut in Brazil 2021 and defeated Santos 3-0, a match valid for the first round in Betuaso in Salvador. There were three goals in seven minutes, and Bahia’s team beat the match at the start of the second stage, after the first half without much emotion. The goals were scored by Thaciano, who was twice the net, and Juninho.

The victory saw Tricolor de Aço manage to regain some of the confidence lost due to elimination in the South American Cup. Peixe, in turn, is left with more questions than answers at the end of the first 90 minutes of the tournament.

The next date for Santos is for the Brazil Cup. On Tuesday (1), Alvinegro Praiano heads to Parana to face Cianorte, in the third stage of the competition. On the other hand, you will face Bahia Vila Nova, from Goiás, at the opponent’s home, on Tuesday as well.

Balanced but slow start.

Teams begin to divide the role of dominance over verbs during the first stage. It turns out that neither team managed to create good chances in the first thirty minutes of the match. The creative sectors of the two teams faced many difficulties.

Diniz’s reprimand

Still without fans due to the pandemic, much of what is being said can be heard on and off the field. Throughout the first half, coach Fernando Deniz could be heard asking Santos to speed up the match even more. São Paulo had more possession of the ball, but it wasn’t effective in converting it into scoring opportunities.

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Sharing opportunities

At the end of the first half there were good chances. For Bahia, Rodriguino got fired and left face to face with Joao Paulo, but he’s done. In the field, the flag even pointed out the obstacle, which did not happen. If he hits the target, he will rely on Bahian’s Three Colors. For Santos, Santos’ attack succeeded well on the right side and Marinho inside the area finished well with goalkeeper Matthews Klaus.

The second half: two goals in three minutes

If the match was dragged in the first half, before the first minute of the supplementary stage the story was different. Bara failed to clear the ball and Rossi, on the right, crossed into the area. Thatciano reached last place and put the hosts in front of the scoreboard. Just over two minutes after scoring the first goal, Santos’ defense failed again: Rossi once again took the lead on the right, and once again, Thatchiano gave up.

Bahian Flash

Bahia did not notice Santos at the start of the match and ten minutes before he scored the third goal of the match. In a corner kick, the ball in the area found Juninho’s header who went single-handedly and scored. Target confirmed after checking the video referee.

Santos tried, but without risk

After Bahia’s stunning start, the team stopped pressing the ball outside Santos’ players in a higher fashion. It was up to the Polystas to search for the goal, but just like in the first half, the team faced the poor performance of their offensive system. The black and white attack always ended with a surrender from outside the area, without much danger, or with crosses struck by Bahian’s defense.

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The changes have no effect

Fernando Deniz even moved the team and tried to be more offensive, but he wasn’t doing well. The squad continued to submit without putting goalkeeper Matthews Close in danger. Bahia, who is already in command, also moved and tried to keep himself in the game, only coming out with counterattacks. In any case, the result was not changed.

Brasliero A Series – 2021
Petuaso Stadium in Salvador (BA)
Table: 20 hours
Rule: Bruno Arleu de Araújo (RJ)
Helpers: Rodrigo Figueiredo Correa, Thiago Henrique Farinha (both from RJ)
Where: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ)
Objectives: Thaciano (BAH) 1 ‘/ 2ºT and 3’ / 2T, Juninho (BAH), 7 ft / 2ºT;
Yellow Cards: Patrick De Luca (Bahrain), Russian (Bahrain); Matthews Bahia (San). Navy (San), Alison (San), Luan Perez (San).

Bahia: Matthews Close, Renan Geddes, Conte, Juninho and Matthews Bahia; Patrick de Luca (Jonas), Daniel (Lucas Araujo) and Taciano (Matthews Galdizani); Rodriginho (Maicon Douglas), Rossi and Gilberto (Thoni Anderson). idiomatic: Dado Cavalcante.

Santos: Joao Paulo; Parra (Madson), Kaiki (Marcus Gilherme), Luan Pires, Philip Jonathan; Alison, Jean Motta and Gabriel Pirani; Marinho, Caio Jorge (Marcos Leonardo) and Lucas Braga (Angelo). idiomatic: Fernando Deniz.