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Atlético-GO beat Nacional in Suarez's debut and unlocks the advantage

Atlético-GO beat Nacional in Suarez’s debut and unlocks the advantage

In Luis Suarez’s debut for Nacional, he appeared Atlético jo She did not shake hands and beat the Uruguay team 1-0, tonight (2), in Montevideo, and took an important step to secure a place in the semi-finals of the Cuba Sudamericana. The famous striker was on the field for 22 minutes, but it was Luis Fernando who scored the only goal of the match.

In addition to the goal of saving the attacking midfielder, goalkeeper Renan was instrumental in the Dragon’s victory. He entered the field and is still in the first stage, after Ronaldo was injured, and he was bombed by Uruguay.

The expectations of the game mainly revolved around the debut of Luis Suarez. And coach Repetto did not disappoint the fans. The jersey 9, far from perfect form and rhythm, tried to swing the net in a free kick and showed all his passing techniques to Candido, who hit the post.

As a result, Jorginho’s men need a draw – with or without goals – to advance to the semi-finals. Nacional win by goal difference takes the decision on penalties. The winner of this match will face Sao Paulo or Ceará. Atlético-Go and Nacional-Oro meet again next Tuesday (9), in the Serra Dorada, in Goiania.

Before that, the dragon receives Red Bull BragantinoSaturday (6) at 19:00 (Brazilian time), for the twenty-first round of Brazilian Championship.

Atletico takes the lead

The first few minutes of the match were very crowded for both teams. Whenever they got the ball, Nacional and Atletico Jo tried to exchange passes and build plays from behind. But the match took place privately in the central aisle of the stadium, and the goalkeepers did little.

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In the 17th minute, Ronaldo saved a superb free kick by Fagondes near the half moon. He also shone by holding him submissively on rebounding Giglioti. However, the Dragon goalkeeper was injured in this sequence and ended up being replaced by Renan.

Atletico goalkeeper Ronaldo injured in Nacional match for Sudamericana


Goiás did not feel Ronaldo’s departure and opened the scoring in the 23rd minute. Leo Pereira received on the right and found Luis Fernando in the center of the area. The attacking midfielder headed his own head and sent the ball into the net.

The Dragon’s goal set the mood in Montevideo. Nacional and Atlético players found themselves strangers on the edge of the pitch after defender Anderson, of Dragao, was late for a torn shirt change. Within the four lines, the hosts had more possession of the ball, while the Brazilians spotted counter-attacks.

Renan holds Nacional

Pushed by the fans, Nacional launched the attack in the first minutes of the second half. Goalkeeper Renan worked just 9 minutes later, when he looked for Carballo’s shot into the corner. Four minutes later, the archer sent a cross from Candido, blocking a free kick for Giglioti in the small area.

Renan also starred in the dead ball. In a central free kick in the 18th minute of the final stage, the goalkeeper went to put the ball into the right corner. To heighten the drama of the pressurized Atletico, Pelota blew into the bar before leaving.

Atlético-GO crowded its field, spending practically the entire second stage resisting the bombing of Nacional, in which Luis Suarez appeared from the 29th minute.

Suarez’s debut


Suarez made his Nacional debut against Atlético-Go for Sud Americana


After a great presentation and a training session, Luis Suarez made his debut in this return to Nacional. Regarding the match against the Brazilian club, the number 9 shirt started on the bench, saw Luiz Fernando’s goal and climbed onto the grass in the 29th minute of the last stage. But the striker played a secret match.

Pistolero’s main chance came from a free kick, in the 40th minute, but the ball deflected to the barrier and went out to the left of Renan. The Uruguayan also gave Candido a superb pass to hit the post from Renan.

Suarez made his first appearance as a luxury spectator. Pistolero’s friend, Con Aguero was on the field to watch the match. The former Argentine player was also in training at FC Montevideo and Take a picture with Brazilian Leo Coelho.

data sheet:


Competition: Sudamericana Cup – Quarter-finals
date and time: August 2, 2022 (Tuesday), 7:15 pm (Brasilia time)
place: Central Park in Montevideo (URU)
Rule: Eber Aquino (PAR)
Auxiliaries: Eduardo Cardozo (bar) and Jose Cuevas (bar)
Video Assistant Referee: Carlos Benitez (PAR)
yellow cards: Hainer, Leo Pereira, Chorin, Jorginho, and Barallas (ATL); Marechal & Heiner (ATL-GO)
Goal: Luiz Fernando (ATL), 23 minutes into the first half

the National: rochet; Lozano (Oturmi), Coelho; Marechal, Candido (Rodriguez); Rodriguez (Ramirez), Carballo, Tretza (Ocampo), Zabala; Vagondes (Suarez), Gigliotti. Coach: b. repetitive

ATHLETIC-GO: Ronaldo (Renan); Hainer, Anderson; Klaus, A.; Henrique (Jefferson); Barallas, Fernando, Jorginho (Marlon Freitas); Pereira (f. Rato), L. Fernando, Chorin (Biglow). Coach: Jorge