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Arena MRV: Why was the opening of the Atlético stadium delayed by nearly 3 years?

Atlético’s initial predictions were that the MRV Arena would open at the end of 2020, but it’s already 2023 and the business is far from over. Why are you so late?

There are several reasons for the delay. There have been changes to the project, an increase in arena capacity, more expensive materials, as well as delays in obtaining permission from public authorities to begin work on the permanent preservation area.

To give you an idea, construction – approved by the Alvinegro Deliberative Council in September 2017 – only started in April 2020.

This process is also delayed. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic and the rains that fell in Belo Horizonte have been an obstacle to work.

The initial projection was that construction would last a maximum of two and a half years. It’s been almost three years now.

a super sports Visited the arena two weeks ago. The stadium itself is nearing completion. At that time, construction was 98% complete (see video below).

Currently, what is delaying the opening are pending traffic works. Atlético delayed the delivery of road constructions requested by the Municipality of BiH to launch the events on site. At the time of this report, only 40% of this process is in place.

Therefore, the club chose to postpone the five dates of the BH Festival, a gala created to celebrate the opening of the arena. The schedule contains concerts, symbolic events, idol matches, and a match against an international opponent.

The idea was that the event would take place between March and May, but the predictions were wrong. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Traffic delays
  2. Atlético were unable to arrange an international bid on the requested date
  3. The club also failed to reach an agreement with a foreign team for the opening friendly match

The new dates for the BH Festival are expected to be announced on March 25, at a trial event in the arena to celebrate Atlético’s 115th anniversary.

But the current expectation is that the first official match at the stadium will only take place in August. Until then, the only way is to wait.

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