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Are you an analytical and attentive person?  Look for spikes and taste!

Are you an analytical and attentive person? Look for spikes and taste!

Are you usually a person who is attentive to the details of things around you? To see if your analytical skills are really effective, it is worth doing it Attention test. The goal is very simple: to find ears of corn scattered among the pineapples.

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The challenge is very relevant to this time of year, as we are in the midst of the June festivities. Everything about the corncob is the moment, but it will not be easy to find it among the fruits. There are also some scattered animals in the drawing.

An important tip is that there are four ears of corn in the illustration. Even knowing the amount, it is very likely that you will only find one and struggle hard to locate the others.

Where is the corn in the photo challenge?

If you divide the image into four quadrants, that is, draw a cross in the middle of the image, then three of the nails are in the upper left quadrant. Only one in the lower right quadrant. Now that you know where they are, start your search.

Tips to complete the challenge faster

One of the methods that some Internet users use to find hidden nails in a pineapple is to analyze the design in the form of “strips”. This means that the eye has to move in the picture from top to bottom for each row of pineapple. Do it calmly and you will be able to successfully complete the challenge.

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Do not get caught up in the bright mice that appear in the photo, they are scattered precisely to blur your vision.

If you can find the ears quickly, without needing any tips, know that your analytical skills are very good and even above average. It is worth trying out new challenges of this kind to train your attention more.