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Ara Quito rejects 'humiliating' fees to play at El Salvador's carnival;  Understands

Ara Quito rejects 'humiliating' fees to play at El Salvador's carnival; Understands

Ara ketu is one of the most traditional ax bands in Bahia | Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @araketu

Ara Quito, one of the most traditional Bahian music bands, announced on Tuesday (30) that it will cancel its participation in the El Salvador Carnival.

A statement posted on the band's social media said that the fees offered by the municipality of Bahia's capital had remained the same since the 2017 Carnival and that the group considered the amount “insulting.”
Following the fallout from the case and fan protests, the city of Salvador contacted the band to try to renegotiate the performance.


“Ara Kitto is open to conversation,” the band told the reporter through its press office. “After the fallout, the city hall set an appointment to have a conversation with us,” the representative said. The meeting between the City Council and the Axis Group is scheduled to take place next Wednesday (31).

When Report contacted the city council of Bahia's capital, it stated that the band was still on the Circuito Dodo (Para-Ondina) schedule and that the show was scheduled to take place on February 8th.

“The City of El Salvador has the utmost respect for the Ara Quito Ensemble and maintains ongoing talks with the representatives of the Ensemble, so that they can be part of the 2024 Carnival programme. This Tuesday morning (30), inclusive, the Ara Quito’s participation was guaranteed for Thursday (8), in Circuito Dodo (Parra/Ondina),” the city hall said in a statement sent to the press.

But the band's representative confirmed that there is no signed contract yet. “There was a request from the city of El Salvador to resume the conversation with Ara Quito after the band's demonstration, but nothing has been decided. We will talk to the representatives with the aim of resolving the situation and confirm that we will work transparently with the fans and the press,” the band stated.

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In the initial statement that the band posted on their social networks, the statement said that they were withdrawing from Carnival 2024. “We are abandoning Carnival in El Salvador,” the band said in the post. The statement said, “On January 27, we were once again surprised in the city of El Salvador with a transaction that reduced the value of our offer. After 31 years, history is repeating itself.”

The band stated in the post that they did try to argue with the city council, but received a “negative and even insulting response” and were relegated to “the remaining electric trio, at showtime at the end of the line.” Ara Keto will turn 44 in 2024. (Anahi Marinho / Fullpress)

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