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Antonio Fagondis stops late in play, police are called to contain disturbance TV news

Antonio Fagondis stops late in play, police are called to contain disturbance TV news

A group of about 50 people revolted because they were not allowed to watch the play Baixa Terrabia Antonio Fagondis, because of delay. The police were even called to contain part of the audience, who pounded the doors of the Clara Nunes Theatre, in Javea, south of Rio de Janeiro. “I have no intention of teaching anyone,” the veteran shot.

Some of the latecomers even threatened venue staff after they refused to exchange tickets or refund money. The confusion was so great that The noise even disturbed the actors inside the room last Saturday (14th).

“I even feel uncomfortable talking about it, because it’s like we have to explain to people what ‘begins’ means. If a play starts at 8pm, a person can’t get to the theater two minutes earlier at 8pm and think they’ve done it.” The right to disturb others”, Fagundes’ justifications, In an interview with O Globo newspaper.

According to the actor, this is a problem that affects not only his productions in Rio de Janeiro, but all over Brazil:

It’s a cultural problem, our problem. It’s like we’re so special that things can only begin when we arrive. I stopped going to the movies because of it. Impossible people: They turn on the cell phone light and keep talking. What a huge inconvenience. I don’t want the audience of my plays to suffer the same discomfort.

Fagundes has already been through the same situation in Portugal and said the idea is not to punish people:

I have no intention of educating anyone, but respect those who deserve respect, and favor those who have arrived on time. I don’t know why people think that, in theater, some of the rules that are followed in places like airports and tests like a sprint no longer exist.