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Anti-abortion activists marched in Washington, provoked by more US sanctions

Anti-abortion rally in Dallas, Texas

By Gabriella Porter

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Abortion lawyers will hold an annual “March for Life” on the streets of Washington on Friday, this time triggered by the latest new restrictions on abortion in several states and the prospect of US Supreme Court states stopping national abortions. Rights in the country.

The march was organized by “Ro V. Wade said, “The 1973 Supreme Court ruling established a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy 24 weeks before conception.

Activists are hopeful that this will be the last year of the march in power.

In December, the Supreme Court showed openness to overturn judgment during arguments in the Mississippi case. Conservative judges such as Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanagh have expressed sympathy for Mississippi’s abortion ban, which violates the precedent.

If the Conservative majority rules in favor of Mississippi, it could overturn the abortion rights that have been in place in the United States for almost half a century. The decision is expected by the end of June.

Jean Mancini, chairman of the National Anti-Abortion Committee, which is organizing the event on Friday, said activists hoped, “This year we hope that Roe v will bring us very close to building the culture of life that we have all marched on. Wade was imposed on our nation nearly 50 years ago.

Abortion has long been a politically divisive issue in the United States, with anti-abortion activists concerned with saving lives from abortion and advocates for abortion rights advocating for a woman’s physical autonomy.

In recent years, Republican-controlled states have enacted laws and policies that make abortion more difficult for women. GoodMatcher, the abortion rights organization, saw 2021 the largest restrictions on abortion rights in the United States in decades, with 108 abortion restrictions passed in 19 states.

Coalition campaign director Sharmin Hossain said the National Coalition of More than 100 abortion rights groups had not planned any specific protests for March for Life due to the recent increase in Govt-19 cases. Instead, Alliance Row Versus. Wade this week.


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