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Anatel sets rules to allow TV Box and avoid “Gatonet”

Anatel sets rules to allow TV Box and avoid “Gatonet”

National Telecommunications Agency (AnatelIt announced, Thursday the 13th, new technical procedures for the adoption of smart TV boxes in Brazil.

A device running an operating system that connects a TV to a signal source to access content in digital format is known as a “gatonet”.


Not all transformer devices are illegal, but without this new process, selling accessories would be illegal in the country. According to the Brazilian Subscription Television Association (ABTA), there are illegal devices in about 6 million Brazilian homes.

According to the agency, the new requirements will be mandatory from September 11 and aim to contain the spread of “equipment aimed at piracy of audiovisual works and which endangers the security of users and communications networks.”

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The agency explains that the devices can compromise people’s security, as they allow data to be stolen from other devices connected to the same internet network.

These devices also allow bad actors to use the network they are connected to to perform denial-of-service attacks (the act of interrupting the normal operation of a device, making it unavailable to the user).

Equipment regulated by Anatel

Photo: Gilberto Sales/Anatell

Authorities have already identified gangs selling illegal devices. For this reason, between the end of February and the beginning of March, Anatel began deactivating remote hacking devices that provide free access to the pay TV signal to streams. The agency also implemented new cybersecurity requirements.

A device is considered illegal when it does not have consent and/or when it decodes pay TV channels, via IPTV, without permission. This practice is considered a crime Brazil.

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The main models authorized by the agency are: Apple TV Google, Chromecast Xiaomi, Mi TV Stick, Amazon Fire TV, and TV Roku Express.