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Ana Castilla and Gustavo Miotto celebrate six months of dating with declarations on social media: “I love you very much”

Ana Castilla and Gustavo Miotto celebrate six months of dating with declarations on social media: “I love you very much”


The rural couple posted declarations of love in the early hours of Monday (4)

Ana Castilla and Gustavo Miotto celebrate their wedding anniversary. Photo: Reproduction / Official Instagram of Gustavo Miotto

Anna and Mewtwo celebrate a special date

Anna Castilla that it Gustavo Miotto They celebrated six months of dating on Monday (4). The Qatari couple shared statements on social media this morning.

Anna Castilla. @GustavoMioto – Boundaries. Reproduction / Anna Castilla

“6 months (counts everything and that’s it).” “Thank you for reviving your smile, clothing tags, food packaging, etc., that you dropped here at home,” Mewtwo wrote in Stories, captioning a photo of the couple.

Anna then posted a video of her arrival at her lover’s house. “Happy six months, love you so much!” Boyadiera wrote. During the recording, the two were shown hugging and hugging each other before sharing a kiss.

Ending and returning a relationship

At the end of September, Anna and Mewtwo announced the end of their relationship. “I have come here to share news that I did not want at all. Anna Flavia and I have crossed another border, and are no longer together. It is not for lack of love, for there has never been a shortage of it,” said Mewtwo, “but there are different times and desires in present time”.

“There was no fighting, there was no problem. It’s not the right time to start using the Seven Spirits. I pray and encourage her and her family every day, and I will continue to watch her grow, and I will always be happy about her happiness. Breaking up is hard, even more so in our crazy life “This one, but we’re always learning a lot. I demand respect for myself and her on an individual level, just as I did as a couple.”

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At the time, Castilla also made her presence public to counter that the couple only existed for “marketing” reasons. “[…] There was no marketing moment. “Here, there was and still is so much love, it was true,” she wrote.

A month later, the two announced that they had renewed their relationship during a trip to Orlando in the United States in October. Since then, the two have exchanged statements at shows and on social media.

What Internet users say

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