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An ophthalmologist from Abukaran is honored for 50 years in medicine

An ophthalmologist from Abukaran is honored for 50 years in medicine

The first ceremony of the Paraná Medical Council to honor professionals trained for 50 years and with an exemplary history was attended by a pioneering doctor from Apucarana, Dr. Francisco Licinio de Camargo, who specializes in ophthalmology and traffic medicine.

This event took place last Saturday (7) at the CRM-PR headquarters in Curitiba, where the doctor received the Diploma of Ethical and Professional Merit from the hands of the Councilor and former Mayor, Wilmar Mendonça de Carvalho, and together with the former President and representative of the Paraná Academy of Medicine, Dr. Renato Araujo Bonardi.

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The son of a former resident of Abucarana, Licinio Afonso de Camargo, who died at the age of 96 in January 2021, Dr. Francisco de Camargo graduated in medicine from Católica in December 1973. His colleagues and graduates of the same year from the State University of Londrina and Evangelica do Paraná received their degrees in the seventh day.

The doctors of the Federal University of Paraná will be honored next Saturday (14), and this time, another doctor from Abukaran will receive a diploma, Dr. Adao Cesar Gonçalves, who specializes in clinical and occupational medicine.

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