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An incredible opportunity to pay off debts for this group of Brazilians

An incredible opportunity to pay off debts for this group of Brazilians

Last Monday, in a meeting between Finance Minister Fernando Haddad and Minister of Agricultural Development and Family Farming Paulo Teixeira, news related to small rural producers was announced. The “Desenrola” platform, developed by the Ministry of Finance and B3 – the Brazilian Stock Exchange – and initially used to auction off discounts, could be used to renegotiate the debts of these producers.

Finance Minister Haddad announced, after his meeting with Teixeira, that “the platform is an asset that can be mobilized for another renegotiation.” So I presented to the MDA (Ministry of Agricultural Development), for the future, the same platform designed for the current Desenrola.

How will debt renegotiation through “Desenrola” work?

According to Haddad, the platform cannot be used immediately with the start of the third phase of “Desenrola”, which allows debt reductions of up to 5,000 Brazilian reais for people whose income reaches the minimum wage. Despite this initial limitation, the Minister of Finance promised to expand the functionality of this technological tool to assist small rural producers.

The third phase of “Desenrola” began this month and offers an average discount of 83% for debts arising from nine different sectors, namely: financial services; securitization companies; selling by pieces; energy; wired and wireless communication. water and hygiene; education; Small and micro businesses, education. But there are cases in which the discount exceeds this value, and it varies depending on economic activity.

How to access the “Desenrola” platform?

The “Desenrola” platform is available on the website www.desenrola.gov.br. Access to the platform requires that the consumer be registered on the gov.br portal and have a silver or gold level account, in addition to having updated registration data. After completing these steps, the debtor must choose a financial institution or company registered in the program to conduct the renegotiation. The page displays debts in descending order of discount, you just select the number of installments and make the payment.

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This news reveals a great opportunity for small rural producers to renegotiate their debts, demonstrating an important initiative by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Family Farming to help this very important sector of the country’s economy.