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An elderly doctor refuses to give up his million-dollar hillside mansion

An elderly doctor refuses to give up his million-dollar hillside mansion

You continue to live in an affluent residence, despite the unstable condition of the property even after the landslide.

In Dana PointA city located on the coast of California in the United States experienced heavy rainfall in one season Landslide who left three Multi-million dollar mansions On the edge of a cliff.

Among them is a residence worth the equivalent of 16 million dollars – which, at current prices, corresponds to almost 80 million rais – Louis BruckmanOne Man 82 years who worked as Doctor.

Despite the apparent precariousness of the situation, the North American worries about its neighbors continuing to live there. Immovable As the New York Post reports, that was even after the recent collapse.

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Bruckmann He says his residence was not affected Risk of collapse: “The house is fine, it's not threatened and it won't be red-tagged,” he said in an interview with US TV station KCAL.

Dana Point officials, in fact, agree with the doctor. A team of engineers would have been sent to the house to assess its infrastructure and conclude that, unlike the other two cliff-side mansions, it had not been compromised.

Nothing prevented, however, the third Residence The region is also at risk after future climate events such as heavy rains like those that caused recent landslides.

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