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An air link between Recife and Orlando (USA) will strengthen PE tourism

An air link between Recife and Orlando (USA) will strengthen PE tourism

With information from Press Office – Recife, June 24, 2023 – This Saint John’s Day, the first flight from Recife to Orlando in the United States took off from Curaçao International Airport Gilberto Freire. With that, Pernambuco resumes its fifth international flight connection. This will be the second for the US, after the Recife-Fort Lauderdale flight was introduced in February this year.

To mark the occasion, Azul Linhas Arias promoted an event at Recife Airport. The celebration was attended by Eduardo Loyo, President of Empetour, Secretary of Tourism and Leisure, Cacao de Paula, representatives of the airline and Ena, who manages the airport. A Junina square dance and Empatour reception with Foro trio entertained customers on the inaugural flight.

“This is an important step to resume the full capacity of Recife Airport. We are one of the best airports in Brazil and one of the most on-time airports in the world. This is where most of the tourists come to our state. With this new flight, more foreign tourists will come to Pernambuco. There is an expectation that they will come and create more jobs and income,” said Eduardo Loyo.

Cacao de Paula, Secretary of Tourism and Leisure of Recife and Eduardo Loyo, President of Empatour, with Empatour Receptionist

“With the new flight, we will not only help bring Brazilians living in Pernambuco and other cities in the Northeast to the United States, but also bring North Americans to explore and discover the most beautiful landscapes we have in Brazil. Contributing to the country’s economic and social development and the contribution of people whose main income is tourism,” said the company in Azul. and Airport Relations Director Fabio Campos announced.

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According to the airline, flight AD8710 departs Recife at 9:30am on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and lands in Orlando at 5:10pm. The flight will depart Orlando at 8:15pm on the same days and arrive in the capital Pernambuco at 6:30am.

View photos from the event:

Route Network:

Recife International Airport has five international routes in addition to connections. With Azul, there are two weekly flights from Recife to Montevideo, Uruguay, two flights to Fort Lauderdale in the USA and, starting today, two weekly flights to Orlando, also in the USA. Apart from these, there are flights from Recife to Lisbon in Portugal and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

By June 2023, the forecast is for 5,908 flights between landings and departures. Guararapes International Airport – Gilberto Freyre, for this June, has Anac authorization to operate to 41 destinations, 36 national and five international. This conclusion was indicated by the Study and Research Unit of Setur and Empetur, based on information from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

● This is the fifth international flight to leave Recife since June 24.

● Other four: Recife-Fort Lauderdale (USA), Recife-Lisbon (Portugal), Recife-Montevideo (Uruguay), Recife-Buenos Aires (Argentina).

● Departs Recife at 9:30am on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays and arrives at the destination at 5:10pm.

● In the opposite direction, on the same days, departs Orlando at 8:45pm and lands in Recife at 6:30am.

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● By June 2023, 5,908 flights are forecast to take off and land at Recife International Airport.

● Now, the airport serves a total of 41 destinations, 36 domestic and 5 international.