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An AI-pilot encounters a human pilot;  He watches

An AI-pilot encounters a human pilot; He watches

One Important milestone It was completed by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), which involves a jet piloted by artificial intelligence (AI) versus a human pilot. The tests were based on combat scenarios within visual range (also known as “dog fighting”).

As part of DARPA's Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program, the work was conducted in partnership with the USAF Test Pilot School. As background, analyze the progress made in forming human-machine teams and trusted autonomy.

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According to Frank Kendall, Secretary of the US Air Force, the possibility of autonomous air-to-air combat has been conceivable for decades. Now he says the “dream” is much closer to reality.

Maximum security for implementing artificial intelligence

The ACE program aims to develop reliable space-based AI technologies capable of operating aircraft with maximum safety in real-world scenarios, including alongside (or against) human pilots. Take a look at DARPA's video about the tests, with very interesting scenes:

An AI agent piloted the X-62A Variable Stabilization Flight Simulator Test Aircraft, or VISTA. It is an old F-16D that has been modified to simulate different flight characteristics. The human pilot was in the field of a conventional F-16.

The ACE program began in 2021 and has carried out a range of AI-led test flights since then. These tests rely on the presence of human pilots in the plane only as a safety measure.

Although these analyzes are important in fencing scenarios, authorities remember that focusing on only this type of work is a mistake. All works also focus on establishing ethical and reliable human machine teams not only for military applications but also for civilian complexity applications.

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