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Amazon rainforest carbon credits puzzle involves UK culprit – Metro World News Brazil

Amazon rainforest carbon credits puzzle involves UK culprit – Metro World News Brazil

A conundrum arises in the quiet town of Kent (England): it is an ordinary property, but it houses the headquarters of the people of the Amazon forest, who claim to fight against deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. The resident of the house draws attention to Kenneth Noye, a notorious murderer and robber from England, known for his involvement in the historic R210 million Brinks-Mat gold heist in 1983.

An investigation Glass According to the charity’s reports, it revealed that children of the disease were involved in a dubious scheme that raised about R$210 million.

The program promises to protect Brazilian forests by selling carbon credits to companies interested in offsetting their emissions. However, the project was recently shelved and a “land grab” case was filed.

The venture’s money disappeared, managed through a complex offshore system.

Noy’s son, Kevin Tremaine, calls himself the company’s “founder” on his LinkedIn profile, but denies his father’s involvement in the project. Companies such as Liverpool, Boeing and Samsung were clients of the scheme, which was dubious from the start. The People’s Headquarters of the Amazon Rainforest, which managed to protect vast tracts of tropical forest, is now the target of investigation and suspicions of corruption.

The project raises serious questions about money laundering, maritime ownership and transparency of such environmental projects. As the Amazon rainforest people and the mystery behind Kenneth’s disease continue to intrigue and shock the local community in Sevenoaks, authorities are delving deeper.