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Em Curitiba, foi aprovada a criação de um novo auxílio-idoso, dedicado especialmente aos cidadãos da terceira idade na cidade. Entenda como vai funcionar!

Allowance of R$ 998 for senior citizens: Are the installments already confirmed?

The group of elderly people living in a particular city in the country can already be excited about the good news: recently, the city council confirmed the creation of assistance for the elderly specifically targeted at them. The allowance, in this case, will be in the amount of R$998.

Want to know more about the benefit, how it should work and who has access? So keep following us below so you don’t miss any important information on this topic!

In Curitiba, the creation of a new assistance for the elderly, specifically intended for the city’s elderly, has been approved. Understand how it will work! / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Proposal to establish assistance for the elderly in Curitiba

On Wednesday (12/07) the Curitiba City Council (CMC) concluded discussion of a project seeking to create a family welcome program for seniors.

In short, the aim of the program is to provide a grant in the amount of R$998 to families of origin (such as those consisting of parents, children, and siblings) or extended families (close relatives or friends with strong bonds) who take in the elderly. The value is the same offered to families who welcome teens and children under the same conditions.

The letter, which was also confirmed unanimously in the second round, will be sent to the executive branch for veto or sanction. Signed by Mayor Rafael Greca, the justification states that in the city there are elderly people who have family members or friends who can take them in, but for that it is necessary to help with the costs, since another family member also culminates in more spending.

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New developments

According to the text, the project will target people who are 60 years of age or older, who are independent or have a degree of dependency and who live in Curitiba. The program will be administered by the Foundation for Social Action (FAS).

Some of the goals of the initiative are to include ensuring the right to family life for the elderly, as well as reducing the number of people being placed in long-term institutions (such as nursing homes) and in hospital beds, after they have already done so. was discharged. Other than that, it is also a way to ensure that the elderly have access to public health policies.

Also according to the rationale for the project, not all seniors are adapted to the Day Center service. This is because many would prefer to be accompanied by their families, even surrogates, and not be removed from their homes because they are in poor health.

Moreover, according to Membership Council Noemia Rocha (MDB), public facilities in Curitiba currently serve about 400 senior citizens, but there are still 100 more waiting to attend. To help solve this problem, the Ministry of Health will also help train families who welcome the elderly, so that they can provide the necessary assistance to the most vulnerable.

It is worth noting that the session witnessed 24 votes, as according to the summit, the time has come to develop more general policies for this group.

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