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Supostas imagens de Starfield, novo RPG no espaço da Bethesda, vazam na internet

Allegedly, images of Starfield, a new Bethesda space RPG, are leaked online

Starfield-A new RPG in space Bethesda, Is one of the most mysterious games of the future, precisely because it was announced nearly three years ago, and players still don’t know exactly what it’s about and how it’s done.

However, on the morning of last Friday (14), the site Wccftech She stated that leaked pictures of the game that appeared on forums and social networks show a bit of a science fiction aesthetic and that it will contain first-person or third-person cameras.

The photos were shared by Twitter user SkullziTVm, known for leaking information from Bethesda early on.

The site also notes that the images are actually from the 2018 version of the game – that is, an appearance Starfield It might have changed and looked completely different today.

It’s worth noting that nothing has been confirmed by Bethesda, so it’s best to consider everything as popular at the moment.

Starfield It has no release date, and no confirmed platforms.

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