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O pesquisador Julio Croda alertou para a possibilidade de novas variantes

“ The chance of new Covid mutations is enormous, ” says researcher from Fiocruz

This Friday (14), researcher Fucruz Julio Crooda said in an interview with CNN, “The opportunity for new Covid-19 mutations to occur in Brazil is enormous.” According to the infection specialist, one of the reasons for this risk is the slow pace of immunization in the country.

“Our index is 7.7% of the population who completed the vaccination schedule. It is still too low to prevent viral circulation,” Kruda said. As long as 80% of the population has not been vaccinated and little adherence to preventive measures, the virus will continue to spread.

The researcher also highlighted the differences in the numbers of the epidemic between Brazil and the United States, which, as vaccination progresses, already People are allowed to move around without masks Outdoors, for example.

“Our situation is completely different from the United States and it is absolutely uncomfortable,” he said.

And he warned that “we have nine capitals without vaccines and nine states witnessing an increase in the number of cases as we enter the winter that may precede a third wave in the states of the south and southeast.”

Fucruz researcher Julio Kroda warned of the possibility of new variants emerging (May 14, 2021).
Photo: Reproduction / CNN
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