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The list of CPFs that have won Rk on PIX by placing a CPF on the note has been released

The list of CPFs that have won R$5k on PIX by placing a CPF on the note has been released

Since the beginning of the year, the CPF na Nota program has made a significant impact among consumers in Paraná. With prizes already totaling R$25 million distributed in the first five months alone, the initiative has encouraged residents to request that their CPF be included in their bill during their purchases. This practice not only benefits consumers through valuable prize draws, but also boosts the local economy by encouraging tax regularity in business establishments.

The program reached many municipalities, distributed prizes and demonstrated its breadth and importance in the region. In this scenario, residents of cities such as Londrina, Curitiba and Paranagua have already received significant awards, reinforcing the importance of participating in the CPF na Nota.

How do CPF drawings work in Note?

The withdrawal mechanisms are very simple and accessible to everyone. Every purchase made using the CPF recorded in the note generates credits and e-tickets for monthly draws. This way, the more consumers buy and register their CPF, the greater their chance of winning. Prizes range from large sums of money to a grand prize of R$ 1 million, creating huge expectations among participants.

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What are the benefits to participating municipalities?

The distribution of awards has a very positive impact on the cities involved. During the first five months of the year, prizes worth R$5,000 were awarded in 26 different municipalities. This measure not only rewards winners, but also puts municipalities in the spotlight, encouraging new buyers to participate, thus increasing billing.

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How to register and avail CPF benefits in Note?

To enter this wave of lotteries, the process is very simple. Interested parties should access Official website of the CPF na Nota programmeFill out the form with your personal data and create a password. Once registration is complete, it is important to always request that the CPF be recorded on the invoice for all purchases. This simple gesture can be the key to winning amazing prizes and also contributing to the economic development of the state.

In addition to Parana, several other Brazilian states have joined the idea and now have similar programsAnd promote healthy competition among them to attract more participants. This expansion of the CPF na Nota program across the country is a clear indication of its success and importance, enhancing financial transparency and benefiting citizens through direct reward initiatives.

So, if you are a resident of Paraná or any other state with the program, be sure to participate. It’s an opportunity to win prizes, while contributing to financial regulation and local economic development. good luck!