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Alan Wake 2: See optimized settings for playback on PC

Alan Wake 2: See optimized settings for playback on PC

Alan Wake 2 is among us and now we no longer need to rely on the official requirements of the game to know how to play it. This way, we can compare the quality of each graphic configuration and determine what is most valuable in it The relationship between image quality and cost performance.

The folks at Digital Foundry are experts at doing this kind of analysis and have already taken a look at Alan Wake 2. They’ve shown that to find PC-optimized settings, you first Check out the settings the developer used for Performance Mode on PS5.

First, the channel published the improved settings for the game without ray tracing. In another video, posted a few days later, Digital Foundry finally posted the game’s optimized settings using ray tracing.

Optimized settings without ray tracing

After several detailed comparisons, it became possible to identify all the game settings on the PS5. Many of them are set to low or medium. Despite these names, the game still has great graphical quality.

Mode settings on PS5source: Digital Foundry

This way, even the average preset on PC already has many settings that are superior to the game found on consoles. Using the same PS5 settings in performance mode on a PC with an RTX 3070, The GPU has a good frame rate margin above the console.

PS5 performance vs RTX 3070PS5 performance vs RTX 3070source: Digital Foundry

Using the same PS5 settings in Performance mode is optimized very well indeed The game for any GPU. But is it worth changing? Anisotropic filter for maximumbecause this has almost no effect on performance.

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The anisotropic filter does not affect performance muchThe anisotropic filter does not affect performance muchsource: Digital Foundry

Other settings such as Shadows, reflections, and global lighting add a lot to the image qualityBut it also has a performance cost that can’t be ignored. It’s a good idea to test these options on your computer. But in tests on the RTX 3070, increasing these settings kept the game at over 60 frames per second.

High reflections, shadows and global illumination affect performance by 20%High reflections, shadows and global illumination affect performance by 20%source: Digital Foundry

Settings have been optimized using ray tracing

Digital Foundry posted another video specifically demonstrating the differences that ray tracing brings to visuals. As for the optimized settings, we can now start with the improvements made to the game without ray tracing to begin with.

Ray tracing and stop at maximumRay tracing and stop at maximumsource: Digital Foundry

Even with PS5 settings, Using ray tracing at its maximum has a significant impact on performance. The RTX 3080 goes from over 110 fps without ray tracing to running the game at just over 30 fps with ray tracing at max.

Fortunately, many settings still have their lowest settings quite visually, so We can change a lot of things to the bass without losing much of the beauty of the ray tracing.

Indirect lighting belowIndirect lighting belowsource: Digital Foundry

Settings Indirect Light, Transparency, and Direct Light can be set to Low. The noise filter is better with beam reconstruction than it DLSS 3.5but if you don’t have Nvidia, it can be set to Low. RTX 40 cards can also use the frame generator.

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Even if you don’t reach 60 FPS, changing these settings can improve game stability or at least maintain a rate above 30 FPS with ray tracing.

Alan Wake 2 is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series

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