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AI is used to analyze fossilized dinosaur teeth

AI is used to analyze fossilized dinosaur teeth

A team of scientists used artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze fossils of ‘mysterious’ teeth found in the south of England, which may be the oldest known dinosaur there. The study was published in magazine Papers in PaleontologyOn Thursday the 13th.

According to the website of BBCThe researchers fed computers data from thousands of teeth from different dinosaur species and created 3D models of the fossils to identify their species.

AI helped scientists identify which dinosaur the teeth belonged to. The team believes the teeth found in the south of England are those of so-called dinosaurs ManiraptoraEarly relatives of birds.

Image with teeth analyzed by scientists | Photo: Reproduction/Wiley Online Library/Simon Wills et al

Fossils analyzed by AI may be the oldest ever discovered

Fossils of possible teeth Maniraptora They may be the oldest species ever discovered, and indicate that some dinosaurs may have existed nearly 30 million years earlier than previously thought.

“The teeth we analyzed include the only fossils extant Troodontids This is Therizinosaurs “This is the oldest evidence of these dinosaurs ever recorded in the UK and anywhere in the world,” said Simon Wills, PhD research leader at the museum.

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The teeth analyzed include only Troodontidae and Therizinosaurus fossils from England.

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