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Unisats Pro-Rector Participates in Innovation Conference in USA – TN Sul

Unisats Pro-Rector Participates in Innovation Conference in USA – TN Sul

Professors and researchers from the world’s leading universities come together to discuss changes in education. They are participating in the 3rd IAFOR Conference on Education, Research and Innovation (ERI2023) at Virginia Tech University in Washington (DC), USA. Joani Castellan, Dean of the Centro Universitário Satc (UniSatc), was one of the participants.

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“I came up with three points for the presentation at the show. We talk about how changes and innovation are in the daily life of UniSatc,” he highlighted. The points demonstrated by the pro-rector include the updates carried out in the curriculum matrix of all undergraduate courses, which allows for the creation of non-linear training, enabling the Final Curriculum (PFC), which stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship. Another point discussed was integration projects to improve the relationship between academics and the community through extension projects.

According to Castellan, who moderated one of the conference tables, participation allows one to learn about actions other universities are following. “What caught the attention of our colleagues at the discussion table was the uniqueness of teaching at Chat, where we have everything from kindergarten to higher education. I explained the importance of the technology course and how it is different for a student going on to graduate school,” reflected Dean.

Formation of new partnerships

The event is also an opportunity to formalize new partnerships. Networking with other researchers allows for the exchange of ideas and the initiation of project possibilities.

A discussion with Prof. Emil Velinov from Skoda Auto University in Prague, Czech Republic. “We have started negotiations to develop a future partnership”, said Castellan.

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