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Águia silences Baenão and is consecrated Paraense Champion for 2023

Águia silences Baenão and is consecrated Paraense Champion for 2023

Águia de Marabá makes history at Estádio Baenão, defeats Remo on penalties and is the great Pará champion in 2023, winning the state title for the first time. The dedication followed a 2-2 aggregate draw, in which they won 1-0 in the first leg and lost 2-1 in the second leg. Axel Lopez was the big name for the team Friday night (26).

The Marabanese saw Betau open the scoring with a bicycle kick goal, but then lost to Luan Parede and conceded an equalizer at the end of the first half. At the start of the second, they were without David Cruz. The striker and defender were injured in the match, which caused a decline in the team’s performance on the field. Leão Uchôa lost, and was sent off after committing a foul, but still managed to get the second goal when Rodrigão slotted home.

First time:

Remo had more possession of the ball and attempted a corner kick for Aghia from the first minutes, but Azulao was in a good position on the field and defended without problems, relying on Remista’s nervousness and many wrong decisions. The visitors sought to reach the area with counterattacks and balls.

In one of them, in the 16th minute, Luan Parede took a corner kick to head Concrete on a bicycle, to score an amazing goal and extend Maraba’s aggregate advantage. The goal made the blue crowd scream at Baenao and make the team nervous. Pablo Roberto and Acaru nearly took chances from midfield and sent them off.

Time passed, and as the game began, Águia backed away even further and let the Blues increase the volume of play and put more pressure on them. In the 43rd minute, Pedro Vitor received a back defense, cleared the defenses and hit the top, with Axel no chance, putting Liao back into the fight. The teams entered the first half and tied.

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Remo is back with Fabinho and Lucas Mendes replacing Jean Silva and Soares. The striker soon had two chances and saw Axel grow and defend both. As time went by, the eagle was cooking up the game. Al-Assad tried to press the balls in the area, but to no avail. In the 24th minute, the Reimtas saw Ochoa come up for a header and let Castro’s knee rest on Castro’s ribs. The referee gave a straight red.

When things looked like they were going to get better for the Eagle, things got worse. Azulao stayed behind, and in the 34th minute, after a foul, he saw Axel take a direct kick and Rodrygao scored into the net. Even with less, Liao was belligerent and held on under pressure. The game was about to end, and Remo tried to choke her, but exhaustion weighed him down and Águia managed to score.

Penalty kicks:

Rodrigueno, Muriqui, Pedro Vitor and Fabinho scored, but Lucas Mendes stopped Axel on the fourth kick. On the Marapanese side, Palau Marapa, Evandro, Bruno Limão, Adauto and Pitao shifted brilliantly and gave the title to Azulau in the center of Bainau.